Blockchain-EOS project hopes to become more attractive for new users by reducing the costs of opening the accounts.

The cost of account creation on the EOS has been reduced by 25% and everyone gets 1400 bytes of free RAM. #eos $eos

— EOS New York (@eosnewyork) September 6, 2018

15 of the 21 manufacturers of power approved the update to the Protocol, implying a reduction by a quarter of the cost of opening new accounts with a 4 to 3 kibibit KIB (roughly $1,84 as of 6 September).

Also in his blog manufacturer of power under the name EOS New York reports that the new accounts will be provided free with 1400 bytes of RAM. While existing accounts can buy, to delegate and to razdelyat RAM to also get a free 1400 bytes.

“The costs of establishing the EOS account — an extremely important aspect of health of the platform. Many users have decentralized prilozhenia from EOS are pioneers. People eager and willing to take the time to understand the blockchain EOS. However, in the future, their zeal diminished,” — said the author of the post.

Thus, EOS New York emphasizes the importance of maximum decentralization at the earliest stages of project development.

“Lower costs will significantly reduce the barriers to development,” said block producer.

Accounts in the blockchain EOS necessary for the transfer of tokens and implementation of other transactions in the network.

We will remind, recently the network EOS was discovered a bug that allows attackers to steal resources RAM users.

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