Implementation of the requirements of the bill about the isolation of the Russian segment will require the state budget by 10 billion rubles more than previously reported — more than 30 billion rubles. According to RBC, most likely, and this amount will not be final.

The latest edition of the passport “Digital security” included a list of projects cost about 50 billion rubles, most of which deals specifically with the implementation of measures for the protection of the Runet.

  • 20.8 billion rubles will be spent on equipment to ensure security of the Russian segment of the Internet;
  • about 4.5 billion for a collection of information about Internet addresses, Autonomous system number, and relationships between, the routes of traffic in the Internet as well as to manage specialized software;
  • about 5.5 billion roubles for the development of software and hardware tools for collection and storage of information, monitoring and control networks, monitoring of routes of traffic on the Internet.

The final budget bill is passed by the state Duma of the Russian Federation after the revision of the costs for the purchase of equipment and its operational services.

We will remind, the bill on the Autonomous operation of the Russian segment of the Internet, which obliges operators to install special equipment to force routing and filtering traffic, was adopted in first reading on 12 February. Then the authors of the bill stated that the implementation of the law will spend about 20 billion rubles, but this amount was not officially registered.