Platform security-tokens tZERO received a patent for a solution that allows to integrate the traditional trading systems of cryptocurrency and other digital assets, according to CoinDesk.

The successful patent was confirmed last week, the Bureau for registration of patents and trademarks of the United States. It describes the “platform with the integration of the cryptocurrency”, the ability to combine the market information from different sources to determine best price.

The system “provides protection for both transactional units – of funds for buy orders and digital assets or liabilities for warrants of sale before making a transaction”.

The transactional units may enter digital assets, obligations, commodities, cryptocurrencies, tokens or cash.

Also, the patent States, that before matching orders, the system generates a cryptographic signing transactional units. This allows you to verify the rights of ownership, as well as to make sure that the transaction involves only available for exchange units.

Representatives TZERO note that the platform can be used to conduct IPOs or other public offerings of securities and transactions with securities in the secondary market, subject to their registration in the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC).

But the most remarkable aspect of the platform is its focus on systems integration for the cryptocurrency trading with traditional trading systems. This process provides that the warrants cryptocurrency transactions entered in a legacy system and are authenticated, and the matching cryptographic transactions associated with the use of private and public keys.

It is also reported that for the proper execution of these procedures tZERO can develop specialized hardware.

We will remind, the platform security token tZERO is a subsidiary of retail giant Overstock. Its full launch is expected this year, however, certain operations on the platform already running.

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