Based in Malta startup Stasis announced the launch of stable token EURS support for the Euro and tied to it the price in ratio of 1:1.

In an exclusive interview with CCN co-founder and CEO of Stasis Gregory Klumov noted that such stable cryptocurrency there is a significant demand from institutional investors. First and foremost they want from her transparency and security, and reduce the volatility of their portfolios, he said.

“EURS has all the qualities to perform a transaction immediately in a transparent manner. Our supplies are checked daily, so every investor can be sure that the issued tokens are supported”, Klumov said.

Stable token will provide investors with a safe haven during periods of volatility of the cryptocurrency market and will simplify the chain of transfer of assets, he added. EURS has been traded on the London crypto currency exchange DSX. In Stasis I hope that soon it will be added to trading pairs on “other major cryptocurrency exchanges”.

Recall that the most common stable USDT token is issued by the company Tether, which is associated with the crypto currency exchange Bitfinex. Users have repeatedly expressed doubt that cryptocurrency really is provided in US dollars, which are tied 1:1, — today it’s $2.6 billion Fueled suspicions that the company last fall terminated the contract with the new York auditor before the release of the results of the official checks. Recently published a confirmation that the accounts of the company have the necessary to ensure USDT amount, but it was done by a law firm and only as of 1 June.

Previously, the release token USDC, also pegged to USD, announced the company Circle.