Group of Thai companies operating in the securities market, considering the possibility of joint launch of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Association of corporate securities (ASCO) Thailand — the body representing market participants — said that talks with the regulator about granting these firms a collective licence to trade in cryptocurrencies.

The Chairman of ASCO Putter Directorthere (Pattera Dilokrungthirapop) said that the launch of the collaborative platform will help companies to reduce costs, because traditional financial institutions are required to implement measures for the protection of investors and to store them separately from its own.

According to her, the last time the company included in ASCO, are increasingly interested in entering the cryptocurrency market. According to the head of the Association, the services that can offer traditional financial firms should have success with investors in cryptocurrencies:

“We are confident that investors will prefer to trade with us as we worked for a long time in the business of trading in securities. Investors can trust our trading system to ensure the safety of their assets”.

Recall that in Thailand in mid-may came into force the law on the treatment of cryptocurrencies. According to the document, all market participants, including issuers ICO, cryptocurrency exchanges, brokers and dealers of digital assets are required to register with the securities Commission (SEC) within 90 days.