Bloq startup Labs launched a beta version of the software package Titan, designed for the optimization of processes mining and maximize the speed of hashing.

As written in the blog the head of the project Kondron Ryan (Ryan Condron), Titan makes mining more “simple, profitable and scalable”.

According to information on the website of the project, the decision promises intellectual setting for the most effective use of mining equipment, prolong its service life, as well as automated selection of most profitable coins for mining. Also stated that can work with any number of machines.

Ryan Kondron called Titan, a comprehensive software package, which adds a completely new level of automation and optimization for any operation of mining. He stressed that the solution is implemented according to the principle “plug and play”.

The company provides free, in beta testing are invited to attend. At the time of writing the package is downloaded 122 times.

Recall that in the fall amid falling prices of bitcoin and other crypto-currencies reported a mass disable miners equipment due to unprofitable business. GPU vendors AMD and Nvidia stated fall in sales of products for maniga, the world’s largest contract chip maker TSMC also reported a significant decline in sales in this segment. Meanwhile, miners are looking for new jurisdictions which reduce the cost of power and cooling equipment.