Technology company Xunlei Limited, also known as the “Chinese BitTorrent”, has announced the launch of a new distributed file system designed to support the blockchain platforms. It is reported by CoinDesk.

According to the company, ThunderChain file system (TCFS) will facilitate the development of blockchain technology. In particular, it will combine some of the properties of existing systems, such as the IPFS and filecoin, and a number of additional tools designed to provide platform flexibility and a high level of security.

Its new development Xunlei presented during the event in Shenzhen China. Was announced the winners of the developers of blockchain-based applications, which was supported by the same company.

The first details about the platform ThunderChain appeared in April of this year. Then the representatives of Xunlei, said that the new solution is able to handle “millions of transactions per second.”

Recall that in may China’s leader XI Jinping expressed the opinion that the blockchain will change the structure of the world economy and, in particular, will contribute to the prosperity of his country.