Blockchain Civic startup founded in San Francisco by entrepreneur Vinnie Lingeman in 2016, may 11, announced the world’s first cryptoadmin for beer, which will be presented at the Consensus conference next week. Civic will show a prototype created in partnership with the American brewing company Anheuser-Busch, as a demonstration of the identification schemes based on the blockchain. It is reported by Coindesk.

The peculiarity of the machine lies in the ability to determine the age of the buyer. Specialist Civic marketing communications Titus Kapilian says:

We thought about practical ways of promoting technology to the masses and how we can make them understandable to the average person. The determination of the age seemed the best of simple tasks.

The machine will be the illustration of how the blockchain might one day enable manufacturers of all kinds of goods with an age restriction to enter the vending market. Now the prototype in a single copy is on the way to new York, but Civic or Anheuser-Busch has no plans for mass production and promotion of such machines. This Civic is the cause: the machine needs to illustrate the General idea of how you can connect such devices to the personal data market Civic, which is scheduled to start this year.

In June last year during the ICO Civic sold its CVC tokens for $33 million Today the capitalization of the tokens is $125 million, the Idea of a CVC was the payment procedures of customer identification (“know your customer”). Tokens that are not needed for the prototype (beer at the conference will be free of charge) can in future be integrated into the system. In fact, vending machines that need to verify the validity of ID will be required to purchase tokens Civic to enter a query and check the data in the blockchain. Capilene explains:

In this case, the car, the requesting person will have to pay for checking. Everyone contributes to the economy of tokens: the service provider pays the identifier, the validator receives an identifier, and the consumer gets the product.