Central intelligence Agency (CIA) can neither confirm nor deny that it has any information about the identity of the Creator of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto. This answer gave on the Motherboard journalist Daniel Oberkhauz filed in accordance with the provisions of the Federal law on freedom of information of the USA (FOIA).

“Your request is denied. The office can neither confirm nor deny that it has the requested documentation,” — said in the traditional “response Glomar”.

The phrase “neither confirm nor deny” first appeared in the response of the management on the request of the media about the secret operation “Project Azorian”, in which the American ship “Glomar” in 1974 undertook the upgrade of the remnants of the sunken Soviet submarine K-129. And the term “response Glomar”.

Oberkhauz filed a similar request to the Federal Bureau of investigation United States (FBI), however, has not yet received a response.

Recall, an Internet entrepreneur and investor Alexander Muse is convinced that the national security Agency USA (NSA) calculated Satoshi Nakamoto with the total wiretapping, PRISM, MUSCULAR and stylometry.

Texts Nakamoto was compared with the trillions of samples of texts of other authors on the Internet.

In the course of its investigation, journalism Professor and professional linguist Adam Penenberg from new York University have conducted a linguistic analysis of texts Satoshi. In his opinion, the developer of bitcoin deliberately used British camouflage to complicate the linguistic analysis of their texts, thus covering up the traces.

Best of all under a linguistic-psychological portrait of Satoshi Nakamoto suitable Neil king (Neal J. King), according to the author of the investigation. However, as other potential co-authors, Neil king denies any involvement in bitcoin.