Careregular GoFun company under the control of Chinese state conglomerate Shouqi, plans to launch for the customers benefits in the form of tokens. This writes the News.8btc.

The project will work on the Ethereum blockchain and consensus algorithm proof-of-authority (PoA). GoFun customers will be able to get a token Energy Cube based on several criteria: mileage, insurance and any violations of traffic rules.

Details of the project were not disclosed. It is known that the company will release 4 million Energy Cube and by the end of October will present a purse for a digital asset.

“I believe that GoFun will be the first carsharing company, created a profitable business model, and it is not far off”, — said financial Director of SIMA GoFun Rooby.

Company representatives believe that the blockchain will improve the industry of car sharing and to solve a number of problems, for example, the process of client identification, protection and data exchange.

Note, in a GoFun is 30 thousand cars in 65 cities of China.

ForkLog previously reported that according to research by the BIS Research, the market of automotive blockchain solutions will grow to $1.6 billion by 2026.