According to the newspaper La Tercera, Chilean Bank Banco del Estado de Chile on Thursday completed the first new account cryptocurrency platform Cryptomkt.

The move follows the decision of the court for the protection of free competition (TDLC), which in April ordered the three largest Bank in Chile (Bancoestado, Scotiabank and Itaú) to reopen the accounts of two cryptomery — Cryptomkt and

Reportedly, Bancoestado is negotiating with Cryptomkt, and Scotiabank and Itaú “will refer to precautions, approved by the TDLC”. At the same time not confirmed that his Bank account will be reopened. We will remind, in April Bancoestado announced that the accounts Orionx, and CryptoMKT will be closed.

Such decision the Bank took after the canadian Scotiabank and Brazilian Bank Itaú announced its decision to close the accounts of these exchanges. Then co-founder and chief Executive officer of the exchange, Buda Guillermo Torrealba said that Chilean banks “kill the entire industry”. Before the banking embargo daily trading turnover of Buda was about 1 million dollars a day.

Chile is the first country where banks refuse to work with cryptovariable. So, Japan and South Korea in 2018 increase control over cryptopleurum, paying particular attention to the protection of investors, combating money laundering and customer identification.