The American channel CNBC, traditionally overlooked the cryptocurrency market in the program “Fast Money”, staged a real “funeral” of bitcoin.

Citing “the horrific dynamics of the stock market”, host of TV show Melissa Lee (Melissa Lee) asked a question, and whether CNBC will continue to monitor for bitcoin?

“Unfortunately, the answer is negative,” concluded the leader.

In the beginning, you remember the popular guests of the TV show “Fast Money” expressed about cryptocurrencies, including Tom Lee, Mike Novogratz and Brad Garlinghouse, referring to predictions of Novogratz and the Volume that bitcoin this year will rise to $40 000 and $25 000 respectively.

However, all this was only an introduction to the analytical part of Brian Kelly (Brian Kelly), who reported that today bitcoin “bury” will not.

In his opinion, there are several factors that will contribute to the early “resurrection” of bitcoin. First, the market sentiment reaches the minimum levels. Kelly expressed hope that the “funeral” of bitcoin will be the level to which you will refer in the future to mark the point when market sentiment with the price has reversed and went up.

“You know, when erupted obsessive about bitcoin, the mood was high. When we declare “funeral”, it means that the situation becomes really terrible, and the mood reaches a minimum,” – he explained.

The second point Kelly turned to the situation with regulation of bitcoin exchanges in Japan. The financial services Agency of Japan has recently introduced new rules for bitcoin exchanges and demanded that some of them have improved their practices to combat money laundering.

“In the short term will be hard, because they no longer accept new users. But in reality, they clean the system, they are convinced of its reliability, make sure that it will be better for the people,” he added.

Finally, Kelly spoke about the development of the business Mt.Gox. It was translated in the status of civil rehabilitation, and therefore, Trustee, in the near future will massively sell bitcoins, although the sale may be resumed when the lenders will receive compensation next year, and will begin to liquidate the cryptocurrency.

We will remind, today the price of bitcoin is updated at least 2018, reaching $6006 according