Global Association of professionals in the field of investment CFA Institute will add to their curriculum of first and second level questions on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. Materials for the exams in 2019 will be released in August, according to Bloomberg.

CFA has added a new theme after industry participants have expressed interest to them in the course of the surveys and focus groups.

Questions on cryptocurrencies and blockchain have become part of a new section called “Fintech in Investment Management” (“Financial technology in investment management”).

Director of CFA Institute’s Stephen Horan (Stephen Horan) believe that cryptocurrency is not a “fleeting whim”, so they cannot be ignored.

Among other topics that will appear in the program in 2019, includes automated trading, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. According to Horana, later they can also be added such issues as the intersection of Economics and cryptocurrencies.

In June the passage of the CFA exam signed up a record number of applicants – 227 031 people from 91 countries. Most of them were from Asia – the region where there are significant volumes cryptoforge.

According to Wikipedia, Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) is an international professional certificate, issued by the CFA Institute to financial analysts who have successfully passed the exams and have the appropriate education and experience. Considered one of the most prestigious and elite certifications in the world of Finance and investment.

The examinations are held simultaneously around the world in English. Exam 1 level is held twice a year – in June and December. The exams of the 2nd and 3rd levels – once a year.