The head of the Blockchain Ltd. Peter Smith (Peter Smith) believes that in the next quarter, the market expects positive bitcoin consolidation, the basis for which will increase regulatory certainty in relation to cryptocurrencies. He stated this in an interview with Bloomberg on July 20.

According to Smith, the increase in certainty will facilitate the flow of institutional capital into the cryptocurrency market.

In an interview with Blockchain CEO drew attention to how institutional money gradually flow in cryptoprocessor as soon as the emerging ecosystem developing the supporting infrastructure for these traditional venture capital. The resulting inflow of funds will provide additional stability to cryptoamnesia, the head of the Blockchain.

“I think now we are seeing another slow consolidation in the market and it is likely that in the next quarter we will see moderate but positive consolidation,” said Smith.

At the end of June, the company launched a Blockchain Blockchain Principal Strategies (BPS) – a service platform for institutional investors. The new product offers investors the OTC platform with smart order system (OMS) for trading scriptactive.

In recent months, their crypto-currency products to institutional investors, also introduced Coinbase, LMAX, Susquehanna and Huobi.

According to the head of the Blockchain, the appearance of such products facilitates the alignment and consolidation cryptoeconomy in General and the market of bitcoin in particular.

During the interview, Smith said that the target market for BPS are the institutional players in the United States. However, to complete investments from them may take another year. With respect to specific assets, the funds and brokerage companies have their main interest in bitcoin.

Smith also acknowledged that the investment in scriptactive these companies still face significant risks.