The introduction of new technological solutions into the Russian market can be accelerated through the establishment of a pilot legal regime in the country. According to RBC, this is stated in the new bill, prepared by the SKOLKOVO Foundation and the Center for strategic studies.

According to the initiator of the project Ministry of economic development, “sandbox” will be a prototype of the new regulatory systems based on Big Data, blockchain, neuro – and quantum technologies, artificial intelligence and augmented realities.

“To test the effectiveness of innovations, and screen out non-working models needed a trial “run” in the real world. We propose to create a space where you can do that while not entirely resolved,” — said the curator of the program “Digital economy”, Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov.

The bill “About the pilot legal regimes in digital innovation” provides for the establishment of a coordinating and regulatory bodies. Presumably, for the financial market they will be the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

To participate in testing technologies will legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, Executive authorities and local self-government. However, participants in the “sandbox” retained tax liabilities and the requirements for the prevention of money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism.

According to a teacher of supplementary education programs BCL, partner of the legal company “Taxology” by Mikhail Uspensky, if the project is implemented, its capabilities are much broader than the “sandbox” of the CBR.

“The Central Bank traditionally pays attention only to their “native” segment of the banking and financial technology. A startup that makes non-financial service to get into the sandbox will be virtually impossible. The sandbox of economic development will be able to “play” even those companies whose product is not directly used in the banking and payment world,” he said in comments to the journal ForkLog.

We will remind, in September of 2018, the Bank of Russia has launched a regulatory “sandbox” at the end of April, and in September successfully held on the basis of test ICO. However, the details of krautsalat were not disclosed. Currently in the “sandbox” of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation received more than 20 initiatives, mostly associated with the use of technology of distributed registries and tokenization assets.

In early July, RAKIB and Leningrad state University also announced plans to create a regulatory FINTECH sandbox.

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