Germany’s Central Bank Deutsche Bundesbank and exchange operator Deutsche Börse has announced the successful testing of two prototypes developed jointly by the securities settlement, indemnity bonds and payments with the use of blockchain technology.

The tests showed that the prototype is ready for implementation in production operation in a realistic infrastructure of the financial market and can serve as a basis for further developments.

Solution development was conducted in 2016 on platforms Hyperledger Fabric (version 1.0) and Digital Asset after the partners have teamed up in a research project BLOCKBASTER to explore the application of blockchain technology for transfers and securities settlement and Vietnam currencies.

We will remind that in September of this year, Deutsche Börse in the framework of the development Roadmap-2020 has established a division specializing in technology for distributed registry, scriptactive and new market structures. And the specialists of the Central Bank of Germany a year ago thought that the blockchain technology “gives a number of advantages for the implementation of distributed data storage”, but has weaknesses in the privacy issues of the users and transfers of assets in the “real world”.