Chicago Board options exchange (Cboe) re-applied to the Commission on securities and exchange Commission a proposal to amend the existing rule that, if approved, will allow it to run linked to bitcoin exchange-traded Fund (ETF).

Application form 19b-4 dated January 30 and published on the website of the Cboe.

The previous application was withdrawn earlier in January. As explained later VanEck CEO Jan van Eyck, a direct impact on the course of consideration of the application was provided by the suspension of us government agencies in connection with the delay in the adoption of the national budget at the end of December 2018.

The last day of consideration of the previous proposal was to be February 27.

The countdown for the new ticket, however, has not gone – it will start after the document is published in the Federal register of the United States. From this point the SEC with all statutory delay in the decision may be reserved 240 days.

Last week also became known new details of the bitcoin ETF proposed investment Fund Bitwise Asset Management stock exchange and NYSE Arca.