Providing services in the field of security, the British company G4S, formerly known as Group 4 Securicor, said that has developed an innovative solution for storage of cryptocurrencies. According to MacIver Dominic (Dominic Maciver), which is responsible in the company for the direction of risk analysis, using this solution, scriptactive separate fragments are kept in offline storage high level of security, as the attacker almost no chance to extract them and combine.

The company did not explain the conditions under which it is possible to use this service, however, G4S claim that it is enough to go through the simple verification process.

Recall that for the first half of this year, according to the company, Carbon Black, cyber criminals stole more than $1.1 billion in cryptocurrency. Experts have counted in darkwave 12 thousand 34 sites with thousands of proposals, which can be used for theft of funds, even far from hacking and technology person. And according to estimates the company CipherTrace, for the first 9 months of this year, the cryptocurrency exchange lost from theft by hackers of $927 million, which is almost 250% higher than last year.

The launch of new custodial services through Fidelity Digital Asset Services recently reported in the financial Corporation, Fidelity Investments. Earlier it became known that investment Bank Goldman Sachs is considering launching custodially services for cryptocurrency funds. However, startup BitGo has received approval from the Department of banking services South Dakota at the launch of the trust BitGo Trust, which will be adjustable by a qualified repository of digital assets.

Recently more attention has been paid to insurance scriptaction. In early October, a crypto currency exchange Gemini insured placed in its storage scriptactive availing the services of a consortium of leading insurers, created by the international company Aon. In late August, the custodian Kingdom Trust company is insured also available on the platform cryptocurrency assets in Lloyd’s of London. And launched in July the company Decentralized Capital first in Australia cold storage for scriptaction immediately assumed their insurance.