The operator of the Boston stock exchange announced conclusion of an agreement with the division of online retailer Overstock, which will launch the world’s first adjustable exchange cryptographic tokens constituting securities or security-tokens.

Joint venture tZero and BOX Digital Markets has not yet received a name, but we already know that with his help, the startups will be able to list their tokens without violating the requirements of laws in the field of securities. In addition, it will allow the companies whose shares are already available on traditional exchanges, tokenservice its securities and to release them on the blockchain.

Digital BOX CEO Lisa fall, will lead the new platform. She said: “the track Record and achievements tZero in this field, complemented by experience BOX service highly efficient and transparent securities markets, concluded the agreement between our companies easy solution. We hope to create a platform of international level for the listing and trading security tokens”.

Sam Noursalehi, recently headed tZero, after he left his post, Patrick Byrne, says the initiative is “an important point” towards the integration of the cryptocurrency markets in the realm of traditional Finance.

“Our collaboration with BOX Digital Markets is an important point which will allow you to create the first stock exchange regulated by the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC), designed for efficient cryptocurrency trading securities. Leadership, reputation and experience of Lisa fall in industry exchange of controlled securities will be a powerful aid in achieving this goal,” he said. “We will continue to work with the SEC, as we will develop the first of its kind platform that will enable the integration of capital markets from the scope of the blockchain in the current National market system of the United States”.

BOX Digital will manage the exchange of tokens and will be engaged in negotiations with regulators, while tZero will provide funding and licenses its own technology on the basis of the blockchain, which will form the basis of the new platform.