Cryptocurrency wallet Blockchain plans to hold “the largest distribution of cryptocurrency in history” in the amount of $125 million by the method of airdrop.

The company will distribute $125 million in kryptonite Stellar lumens (XLM) – almost half a billion tokens to all holders of Blockchain wallets. According to the company, the first batch of recipients will see their tokens for the week.

The company Stellar became the first partner of Blockchain via airdrop after the launch of a special program last month.

The CEO of Blockchain’s Peter Smith said that the Stellar network is chosen because it is “built for scalability” and relies on “active and growing ecosystem”.

This is a great way to attract new users to use the wallet. In addition, according to Smith, airdrop will allow users “to test, to try to trade and carry out transactions with new, reliable crypto-currency assets safe and simple way.”

Smith also said:

“The experience of the last five years tells me that getting the first $20 in bitcoin helps people to feel the power of the new financial system in their hands, especially when they see their first transaction. Our project was designed to help millions to make the first transaction.”

Co-founder of Stellar jed McCaleb called airdrop “key” to creating a “more inclusive digital economy”.