Team Waves Platform announced the achievement of a major milestone on may 14 in the blockchain Waves have been extracted millionth unit.

The company also shared fresh statistics:

  • Active wallets. As of March 2018, the blockchain Waves were registered 32 439 active wallets. In March 2017, the figure was 6 826.
  • The volume of trading on the DEX. A decentralized market is one of the key elements of the ecosystem Waves. The average daily trading volume on the trading to date is $2 million.
  • Tokens. According to the latest data, on the Waves Platform has already produced more than 13.5 thousand tokens.
  • Market capitalization. The total market capitalization of Waves in excess of $666 million
  • The number of transactions. In the period from March 2017 to March 2018, the number of transactions on the Waves Platform has significantly increased, from 281 to 282 2 945 431.
  • Node. At this point in the blockchain Waves is 214 nod.
  • The number of transactions per minute. Today the throughput of the Protocol is equal to 6000 transactions per minute.
  • Waves. In circulation is 100 million tokens Waves. Since the project uses a modified version of the PoS Protocol, the LpoS, the need to produce new tokens no.

We will remind that in December in the core network Waves has been activated Protocol Waves-NG.