The network of cryptocurrency Verge, it seems, has been another successful attack 51%, after the previous one, done in April. Moreover, the attackers used almost the same tactics.

According to the user of the forum BitcoinTalk nickname ocminer, the attacker used a modified version of the attack last month, again forged blockchain. The hacker used a vulnerability in the code that allows you to manipulate time-stamped blocks, quickly releasing new up to 25 units or $950 per minute.

Given ocminer screenshot shows that the attacker managed to gain control over two of the five protocols, the algorithm of extraction of Verge — scrypt and lyra2re.

The attack likely was carried out between the blocks 2155850 and 2206272 that allowed an attacker for five hours to create about 35 million XVG — about $1.75 million at the current rate.

“It seems the attack was over, five hours was created 35000000 XVG. But it also means that the fix is still there, and anytime possible follow up attack. Meanwhile, the only official information — “mining pools was subjected to a DDoS attack,” wrote a Reddit user with the nickname Flenst.

After the previous attack, the developers carried in the network Verge hardwork, in which the vulnerability in the code was to be eliminated. But critics, including ocminer, said that the update was only a “band-aid”, and the vulnerability in the code remained.