May 15, in the network of Bitcoin Cash occurred hardwork, as it was announced earlier by the development team.

Official update the blockchain Protocol occurred at about 19:54 (Kiev, Moscow) on the unit 530356, and the main consensus change was the sharp increase in the maximum block size from 8 MB to 32 MB.

Bitcoin Cash has been updated! The first unit produced on the new rules of consensus.

Over the past few weeks in preparation for the update of the miners and other full nodes have updated their clients to version 0.17.1 ABC Bitcoin, Bitcoin Unlimited and XT also released updates that support hardwork.

In addition to increasing the block size that gives you the opportunity to increase the number contained in their transactions and reduce cost, there have been a number of other changes. One of them is to re-enable OP_CODES that provide the ability to create smart contracts.

These codes were deleted Satoshi Nakamoto of bitcoin Protocol in 2010. It is assumed that their activation not only return to functionality create smart contracts, but also make available other innovative features.

Another noticeable change in the Bitcoin network Cash increase the limit of the supporting information default from 80 to 220 bytes. This will ensure reliable operation of the OP_Return feature — an inexpensive method of embedding data in the blockchain BCH.

We will remind that on November 15, 2018 scheduled update Protocol Bitcoin Cash.