In the largest volume of trading of the bitcoin exchange Binance lately three times there were major transfers in different tokens. Almost immediately after that on the platform appeared new trade pair with this coin, and its price rose. About this rather strange regularity ForkLog announced Youtube-channel “Penny in purse.”

So, on February 7, the exchange received 500 tokens HOT million ($565 thousand).

500,000,000 #HOT (565,838 USD) transferred from wallet Unknown (Last used 10 months ago) to #Binance


— Whale Alert (@whale_alert) 7 Feb 2019

And already on February 18 was opened is traded in pairs HOT/BNB and HOT/USDT, which significantly increased the liquidity of the token. According to the data CoinMarketCap, that day the price of a token increased by more than 10%.

#Binance Adds HOT/BNB and HOT/USDT Trading Pairs

— Binance (@binance) 18 Feb 2019

The growth was probably triggered by the listing of new pairs, since the bitcoin in the day showed a lateral movement.

On February 14 Binance received 4 million tokens ZRX ($921 thousand).

4,000,000 #ZRX (921,087 USD) Unknown transferred from wallet to #Binance


— Whale Alert (@whale_alert) 14 Feb 2019

27 Feb Binance announced that it will open trades in pairs ZRX/BNB and ZRX/USDT. The price also increased by 10%.

#Binance Adds ZRX/BNB and ZRX/USDT Trading Pairs

— Binance (@binance) 27 Feb 2019

On February 22 Binance transferred 5,468 million tokens BAT ($747,9 million).

5,468,003 #BAT (747,988 USD) Unknown transferred from wallet to #Binance


— Whale Alert (@whale_alert) 22 Feb 2019

March 4 on the platform were trading pair: BAT/USDT. From the date of transfer and prior to listing a new pair of the price of a token increased 25%.

#Binance Adds $BAT/USDT Trading Pair

— Binance (@binance) March 4, 2019.

The nature of the transaction remains unknown and is not necessarily evidence of insider trading, but ForkLog will continue to monitor the situation.

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