Binance is one of the largest ciproforuti exchanges in the world on volume of trading — is soon planning to add on its platform pairs with Fiat currencies.

According to the CEO of crypto currency exchange Campana Zhao (Zhao Changpeng), until the end of the year will be available in Euro. Later will be added another Fitna currency, Chanpen not called. While on the platform Binance cryptocurrency to buy and sell only for other currencies, including its own token exchange — BNB.

Many exchanges only support cryptocurrency pairs — this avoids a too strict regulation, but makes it difficult for customers to obtain cash money. To replace Fiat currencies in pairs are often used tied to their value stabilini. Binance uses in the trade cryptocurrency pairs Tether (USDT) and TrueUSD (TUSD), the cost of which is pegged to the dollar. Support for the latter was added in may.

In April there were reports that Binance launch of cryptocurrency trading in dollars, but the company denied this information, calling it “fake news.”

Previously, the crypto currency exchange has announced that it will establish an office in Malta. Zhao Chanpen also said now that Binance will soon get the exchange license on the island of Jersey, the international offshore Island in Normandy. The company will establish an office there, which will work up to 100 people, said the head of Binance. He also added that the crypto currency exchange is currently engaged in negotiations with the government and the Bank of Taiwan.

Earlier, Zhao Chanpen said the interests of the stock exchange in Uganda, where the company intends to create thousands of jobs and contribute to the establishment blockchain industry.