Representatives of the Central Bank of Thailand said that the financial institutions can buy and sell the cryptocurrency after obtaining permission from the local Commission for securities and exchanges (SEC). It is reported Chepicap with reference to Thai Blogone source.

However, according to local resource, the SEC continues to prohibit commercial banks “to pursue a cryptocurrency transaction.” In other words, banks can buy or sell digital assets, but they are not allowed to purchase anything for them.

Thai banks are allowed to teach clients the tricks of blockchain technologies and to advise on investing in digital assets.

Note that Thailand is going to legalize the cryptocurrency and primary offerings of coins (ICO). So, last month, the authorities introduced regulations the ICO, where, in particular, set out the requirements for the authorized capital of companies, as well as limitations on investment amount for retail investors. A month before the Thai authorities have introduced compulsory registration for sellers of cryptocurrency.

ForkLog previously reported that at the end of October in Thailand to start the work unit of a large South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges Bithumb.