The Central Bank of Russia revealed a classical financial pyramid, Casbee, in which a group of Russian and foreign companies without real economic activities have attracted population funds in rubles and foreign currency by promising inflated returns and conducting an aggressive advertising campaign in the media and social networks. Kasbari failed to engage in the scheme of tens of thousands of people, but now the information about the pyramid transmitted by the financial regulator to the Prosecutor General and the interior Ministry.

“This is one of the largest financial pyramids, which we have identified in recent years. It launched its activities in many regions across the country,” — said the Director of the Department on combating unfair practices of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Valery Lyakh.

On the website of the organizers of the pyramid yield several plans contributions to cryptocurrency assets offered up to 600% per annum with a daily interest, investment insurance and guarantee Fund collateral.


Recall that, according to RBC, in 2015-2018, the Bank of Russia recorded the activities of almost 600 organizations and Internet projects, with signs of a financial pyramid, and with the beginning of 2018, and 82 such organizations. The Russians are investing in similar projects at 80-100 thousand rubles, while the amount of investment in conventional fraudulent scheme is 30-50 thousand rubles. In General, the creators of cryptocurrency pyramids attract investors via the Internet. Most often their actions affected residents of large cities and Central regions, because there is above average income citizens.