According to representatives of the Central Bank of Canada, Stock exchange operator TMX Group Toronto and non-profit organizations Payments Canada, technology of the distributed registry can be used for instant payments on the securities. About it reports Reuters.

“Payments can be made in such a way that it never previously carried out through direct exchange of cash between buyers and sellers, which means instant payments”, — said the President and chief Executive officer Payments Canada Jerry Gaetz.

At the same time, senior specialist at Bank of Canada Scott Hendry noted that it is unclear how the distributed registry technology could reduce costs in transactions with securities.

“After completing this work, we are still not sure, is for the participants significant savings, ‘said Hendry. — Still unclear are whether the parties to the transactions and the banks substantial benefits from such a system of calculations”

In the summer of 2016, the Bank of Canada has launched a project to study the underlying bitcoin technology. The initiative, called Project Jasper is implemented with the participation of such large banks as Bank of Montreal, CIBC, Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank and TD Bank.

Earlier it was reported that TMX Group has announced the launch of cryptocurrency brokerage platform for buying and selling bitcoin and Ethereum.