The next round of the Jasper project demonstrated the possibility of using blockchain technology for the automation of securities settlement in real time.

As announced in October last year, the third stage of DLT research Project Jasper took part, the Bank of Canada (Bank of Canada), Stock exchange operator TMX Group Toronto a non-profit organization and Canada Payments. The parties confirmed that they had created a blockchain platform allows you to instantly tokenservice and to trade assets and money.

“This shows that we can deliver payments in such a way that it never previously carried out by direct exchange of cash between buyers and sellers that provides for the immediate calculations,” said President and chief Executive officer Payments Canada Jerry Gaetz (Gerry Gaetz).

However, senior specialist, Bank of Canada Scott Hendry (Scott Hendry) said that it is not clear whether the use of DLT solutions for the settlement of transactions in securities to any savings.

“After this operation we still are not sure that for the participants there is a significant saving. It is unclear whether or not the bidders and the banks benefit from this system of calculations”, — said the representative of the Central Bank conference on payments in Toronto.

Recall that the results of the previous phase of the initiative Project Jasper the participants came to the conclusion that they have created a blockchain platform is the basis for the creation of the system of cash payments.