The national archives (TNA), the official Registrar of the UK government explores the possibility of using the blockchain for the exchange of records, reports СoinDesk.

Dubbed Archangel research project conducted by the University of Surrey in conjunction with the Open Data Institute. One of the goals of the project is to investigate the possibility of using the blockchain to effectively address issues related to the management of the archives.

According to the Manager of TNA Alex green technology is a distributed registry (DLT) is used in Archangel to “collect a digital signature from a digitized physical and born-digital content.”

“How can we show that footage that you see today are the same that were placed in the archive 20 years ago? How to ensure that citizens continued to consider the archives as a reliable repository for public information? To answer these questions, Archangel will help to ensure that the digital record has been changed, the change was legitimate, and it is true”, — wrote in his blog green.

According to him, the project will help to learn how to do this can be used blockchain.

The study is funded by the research Council engineering and physical Sciences (Engineering and physical sciences research council), which annually invests more than 800 million pounds in research in mathematics, materials science, and information technology.

We will remind, in September 2017, the government of Tatarstan announced the start of the use of blockchain technology in the public sector, including archives.