November 11 AUTI9003 Reddit user posted a screenshot, which shows that the arbitrator network EOS canceled transactions that have already received confirmation.

EOS centralisation in action: arbitrator rules to reverse transactions from accounts from CryptoCurrency

In the so-called EOS of the Constitution provided for arbitration in case of disputes between users. In the current context, the applicant explained that an unknown person stole his private keys through phishing. The referee made one Ben gates under the leadership of Moti Tabulo.

“In accordance with the authority vested in me as arbitrator under article 6 of the Rules of dispute resolution, me, Ben gates, sets out that account EOS should be returned to the applicant immediately, and the funds sent to this account frozen and returned,” — says the decision of the arbitration.

Previously, the auditor distributed networks Whiteblock reported that the network EOS manufacturers units have the ability to change data in a distributed network.

During an interview on the Youtube channel Colin Talks Crypto Protocol EOS founder Dan Larimer stated that “decentralization is not what we aspire to.” He said that in spite of that, the blockchain EOS is more decentralized than bitcoin and Ethereum as to control 50% of the network required 11 pools, whereas bitcoin is 4 and for Ethereum — 3.

Recall that recently the developers stablon CarbonUSD announced the transition to the blockchain EOS.

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