The current bear market most painfully affected altonah, whose prices sank even stronger than in 2014-2015.

The current #crypto bear market has been harder on altcoins than the infamous 2014-15 bear market.

In 2014/15, the total altcoin market cap fell 85% from its high. The altcoin market cap today is down 90 percent from its high in 2018.

— CoinDesk Markets (@CoinDeskMarkets) 6 grudnia 2018 R.

CoinDesk analysts note the fact that during the bear market of 2014-2015 altcoins declined by 85% relative to the maximum. Since the beginning of this year, the market shrank by more than 10 times — drawdown relative to historical maximum in the beginning of the year exceeded 90%.

Researcher company of new York Pension Partners Charlie Bilello in late November poll, the results of which were disappointing.

Poll results: most voting for more downside in Bitcoin, with 33% saying it will drop below $1,000 in the next 12 months.$BTC.X

— Charlie Bilello (@charliebilello) 21 Listopad 2018 R.

A third of respondents expressed confidence that within the next 12 months the price of bitcoin will fall below $1000. Another third sure that the first crypto currency will “walk” in the range of $2500-4200.

Charlie Bilello is also known for its Twitter-publications on the yield of some scriptaction:

2018 Crypto Returns…

— Charlie Bilello (@charliebilello) 5 grudnia 2018 R.

Given that this tweet was published on 5 December, the rates of return is likely to have changed to the worse.

Bilello also notes that the price of bitcoin for almost a year have not reached a historic high.

In the last 3 months of 2017, Bitcoin hit a new all-time high once every 3 days, on average.

Bitcoin has now gone 354 days without a new high.

Longest streak ever was 1,176 days (from Dec 2013 to Feb 2017). $BTC.X

— Charlie Bilello (@charliebilello) 5 grudnia 2018 R.

During the last three months of last year, a new high was recorded on average every three days.

Recall, today, December 7th, the bitcoin price had a fresh minimum, and the rate dropped to Ethereum marks may 2017.