Canadian Roger Thomas Clarke, alias Jones Variety or just VJ, was extradited from Thailand to the USA, where he is suspected of aiding the illegal activities of the darknet marketplace the Silk Road, reports Wired.

It is assumed that the 56-year-old Clark was a senior Advisor to the Creator of Silk Road Ross Ulbricht, who is serving a life sentence without parole in Colorado, and was responsible for the technical infrastructure of the marketplace, hiring programmers and managing relationships with users. In the United States believe that Clark obstructed justice.

Once Ulbricht confessed to Variety Jonesthat talked about the nature of his work, friend from College and the girl. Then VJ advised him to change the nick with silkroad on the “dread Pirate Roberts”, in order to create the myth that the site at various times ruled different people.

In 2013, VJ changed his nickname to Cimon. During this period he several times covertly hinted at the need to get rid of the administrator site under the name chronicpain, who was arrested by FBI agents during a setup transaction for the sale of cocaine.

Ross Ulbricht subsequently ordered user under the name nob (account FBI Silk Road) the murder of Curtis Greene (chronicpain). Law enforcement officers staged the murder of green, and the Ulbricht paid for that $80 thousand by Bank transfer.

If Clark is found guilty in the charges against him, he faced the minimum period is not less than 10 years.

Recall, Roger Tom Clark was arrested in Thailand on 3 December 2015.