In code, the following major updates Ethereum can be added controversial element that will allow you to change the hashing algorithm so that in the process of mining cryptocurrencies could attend to more customers.

The issue of integration of suggestions for improving Ethereum EIP 1057 or Progressive Proof-of-Work (ProgPoW) was raised again during a meeting of developers in this Tuesday, writes CoinDesk. Product Manager company ConsenSys Tim Beiko reported that discussion ProgPoW time will be allotted during the official conference call of the developers of Ethereum on Friday.

Those who participated in the discussion Tuesday, said they will advocate for the inclusion of EIP 1057 in the next update, if third party auditors does not reveal problems of a technical nature.

Bako of explained:

“In the worst case, if the audit identifies a huge problem, we can get EIP before Istanbul, but if all went well, we can assume that did the job. The audit serves only as additional confirmation.”

According to the developer of the lane Rettig, the final deadline for approval of code that can be included in Istanbul is the middle of may.

Some, however, believe that a technical audit will not be sufficient for unconditional approval of the changes. The Manager on public relations of the Ethereum Foundation Hudson Jameson said:

“The audit involves two components: comparative research and testing of how long/efficient will be the impact of ProgPoW”.

Jameson noted that the audit “to verify whether it is necessary to introduce ProgPoW if ASIC miners will adapt to it very quickly (in less than 9 months), while having a higher speed”.

Jameson, obviously, takes into account the position of such critics as van Davi and Martin long, who argue that the increasing activity of ASIC miners on the blockchain of cryptocurrency, “for the most part, is not a problem for Ethereum”, especially in light of the planned transition to the algorithm Proof-of-Stake.

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