The adoption of laws on digital of financial assets and crowdfunding in Russia may be postponed to the autumn session. This was stated by the Chairman of the Duma Committee on financial market Anatoly Aksakov.

“The theme of cryptocurrency is very complicated, really really complicated. While I’m setting still in the spring session to take, but there are doubts, so do not rule out the possibility of moving into the autumn”, – said the Deputy.

He also added that there are difficulties in defining the boundaries of regulation:

“The blockchain is of transboundary nature, such as bitcoin, we set the regulation, and the work will be nothing. It is therefore necessary to determine what we can realistically handle and have, on this basis, the norms prescribe, first, defining the rules of work, second, to protect the investors who participate in it.”

In addition, the MP said that in the dispute about what is cryptocurrency – property or property right – the panelists agreed that all right.

According to Aksakov, the laws on digital of financial assets and attraction of investments using appropriate platforms should be adopted simultaneously with the law on digital rights as was done in the first reading on may 22.

Recall that the draft law “On digital of financial assets” was approved by the government, “subject to his revision for the second reading, in accordance with these observations”. Earlier Aksakov has expressed confidence that the law on cryptocurrencies will be adopted before the end of the spring session of the state Duma.

In the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation said that the draft law on digital assets creates the possibility of sanctions.