According to the comparative analysis of the activity of developers in the repositories Bitcoin Cash and bitcoin on GitHub, starting in April work on the Protocol of August fork practically suspended.

Difference between $and BTC #bcash #bcrash ???? Well, there you go….

— ⚡Darth Maul⚡ (@malimujo) July 15, 2018

Note that the number of transactions the Bitcoin network, Cash is constantly decreasing. So, one of the blocks this weekend weighed only 5 KB.

Recall that according to the mining pool BitPico, 98% gcd Bitcoin Cash are in the same server rack.

“We do not think [Bitcoin Cash] understands how easy it is to break their network”, — noted experts of BitPico.

Recall that last month the daily volume of transactions in the DogeCoin network is more than twice exceeded that Bitcoin Cash.