Blockchain project Tezos completed the first round of voting in which selected two proposals for updating the Protocol. It is reported by CoinDesk.

The vote was passed two proposals — ‘A for Athens’ and ‘Athens B’. Won the first sentence, received 18 181 votes from the backers (the equivalent of the miners in a traditional blockchain-systems based on Proof-of-Work).

Athens involves A few backwards incompatible changes. The first change to the Protocol will allow to increase the limit of the gas with the aim of increasing computing power and network bandwidth Tezos. In addition, the reduced number of tokens required to obtain the status of the Baker — from 10 000 to 8000 XTZ XTZ.

According to the developers, the main task of the first vote in the network Tezos — not drastic changes, but rather a demonstration of the voting process. After the first round will come the three-week “research phase”, during which a decision to allow or not Athens A to the test phase.

If testing is successful, will be another vote, after which the proposal may be included in the code. The whole process takes about three months. Thus, if everything goes smoothly, Athens A will be activated around the end of may.

According to the developers, at the end of this year Tezos can be used the report of the proof with zero disclosure of ZK-SNARKs

It is worth noting that recently the cryptocurrency Tezos (XTZ) demonstrates a steady growth. So, for the last week of the course the coins grew by more than 40%:

Data: CoinMarketCap

ForkLog previously reported that the company Elevated Returns uses the blockchain Tezos for tokenization real estate for $1 billion.

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