Representatives Tezos Foundation has announced the launch of the beta version of the platform. This was reported on the website of the organization.

According to the developers, is already available full-featured network version, but it works “in test mode”, so it is possible some bugs in its work.

In Tezos Foundation also noted that the recent beta version of network transactions remains valid in the final version of the network, whose launch is expected in the third quarter of this year. However, say the developers, large transaction “will have to wait until then, until the network will become more reliable.”

The developers have published for consultation the Genesis code-block network. In Tezos Foundation also stressed that the participants already can connect to the network and start the validation process (“baking”). However, the award will be awarded only after about three weeks, after members of the network will be validated 28 672 unit.

“The future Tezos is in the hands of its community. This is a key aspect in the development of the project. We expect support from the developers, scientists, validators (“the bakers”) and enthusiasts from all over the world, because they lead to the success of this innovative and decentralized network”, — said the President Tezos Foundation Ryan Jesperson.

The organization’s representatives also reminded the users about the danger of phishing attacks aimed at the acquisition of the private key.

We will remind, last summer the project Tezos gathered a record at the time the $230 million project Soon came under a flurry of class-action lawsuits from investors, which, apparently, was the main reason for such lengthy delays in launching the platform.