Tether, the company has confirmed the receipt of a significant amount were in circulation licenzirovanie $ USDT and said that in this regard, and according to the whitepaper project “burned” 500 million USDT from the crypto “Tether storage“, leaving the rest on it is 466 million tokens for future emissions.

Tether has just destroyed USDt 500M from the Tether treasury wallet with the following tx: https://t.co/HTG52LaRVh
For more information see the announcement here: https://t.co/McLTCGzmJi

— Tether (@Tether_to) October 24, 2018

Recall that the output of a crypto currency exchange Bitfinex from circulation USDT 630 million were received in cryptosuite as imperceptible release of the Tether from the market tablconv. Mistrust of partners has increased due to incorrect information display Bitfinex on CoinMarketCap. At the same time burning tokens received more positive evaluation associated with the improvement of the market tablconv.

Tether just redeemed/burned another $500,000,000.

This is good for the ecosystem. Having 1 stablecoin with so much gray area surrounding it be so dominant among UAD pegged-tokens is unhealthy.

The Slow decline of USDT + competition without the FUD is healthy. https://t.co/ZPpF6ilbVI

— Brad Mills (@bradmillscan) 24 Oct 2018