The project QuarkChain has launched a test version of its network, which is scheduled to deliver performance in 100 thousand transactions per second (TPS). While the team managed to achieve a high of 14.7 thousand TPS.

“QuarkChain — high-performance peer-to-peer transaction system. It is an innovative and freely available, the blockchain architecture that seeks to meet global business standards. It provides safe, scalable and decentralized blockchain solution 100 000 TPS on a chain” — is a project team of a startup.

Currently, the global commercial standard set by such companies as Visa, her system supposedly can run at speeds up to 50 thousand TPS. Although the actual amount of committed payment transaction system for much less, strap performance is set at such a high level.

For blockchain technology one of the main problems is the ability to scale the blocks to serve more users and larger transaction volumes. Attempts to eliminate this problem, for example, bitcoin has led to the emergence of solutions such as Segregated Witness (SegWit) or Lightning.

As stated by the team QuarkChain, all public demonstrations in the test version of the network showed a result above 10 thousand TPS. And, although this is a very high figure for the blockchain solution, it is quite far from the claimed 100 thousand TPS. The launch of the network QuarkChain is planned for the end of this/beginning of next year.