CTO and co-founder of ICO project Atlant Dennis Donin arrested on suspicion in swindle in especially large size. The detention occurred at the beginning of the month. About this report “Betnovate”, citing informed about the details of the investigation, the source.

According to his information, as the basis of the draft global blockchain platform rental real estate Atlant Dennis Donin used the source code cryptocurrency exchanges Spacebtc.com where was CEO and the main developer from 2014 to June 2017. It was then that Donin allegedly disappeared with access to exchange and all the social networks of the project.

“At the time of the ICO Atlant, he and two other developers had nothing but ideas. They misled the people by presenting a copy of the exchange terminal Spacebtc.com, changing only the name,” he said.

Savelovsky district court of Moscow satisfied the claim of the investigator of Department of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Khoroshevsky district of Moscow and to continue proceedings on the case have concluded Denis Donina into custody for a period of 1 month, until may 29, 2018.

In addition, the source of “Betnovate” reported that in addition to Donina was also arrested “a number of members of his team,” however, confirmation of this information was not given.

Amid the news the price of a token Atlant beginning its decline, as evidenced by data from Coinmarketcap.

Meanwhile, the user of the forum Bitcointalk suggested that the arrest of Dennis Donina is not directly related to ICO Atlant.

“Yes they did and not thrown. Even bounty paid regularly. It is rather old sins”, — said user maverickasf.

“Atlas is clearly not a Scam, the community they proved it. They agreed to pay a huge bounty payments. And on the issue tracker shows that the team is working. See Denis has gone to a new place of work and taken their ideas and developments with old. And the last employer was hit) In any such case the court must decide, but not Russian. Atlanta need to try to translate this thing somewhere in Europe,” — wrote Estrange18.

Also, the forum has published an official statement of the founder and the CEO of the project Atlant Julian Svirsky.

“One of our developers Dennis Donin was temporarily detained in Moscow on the grounds that, in our opinion, is frivolous and an unfortunate statement caused by the misuse of the legal system and bribery of Russian law enforcement agencies.

We confirm that all our code was developed by the team of Atlant and that no rights of third parties were not affected. Our lawyers defend Dennis, and we are confident that he will be released after independent experts will confirm the rights Atlant software code.

Our team of programmers continues to work diligently to implement the concept of Atlant, and no delays from a technical point of view not expected. We can also confirm that funds the ICO are under secure storage that payments for charity will act in accordance with the normal schedule, and we will continue to protect the interests of the holders of tokens Atlant”, said Svirsky.

Journal ForkLog will monitor the situation.

Recall, the main stage ICO Atlant took place in September 2017, which has raised more than $6.6 million, which, however, amounted to only 10% of hardcap. Previously, the project had raised about $1.5 million of investments during the presale.

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