The developers of blockchain-platform Waves has announced the release of Waves Keeper is a browser extension that allows to securely sign transactions without having to enter a private key or password.

Thus, said the project, if any Waves are integrated with a website or decentralized app requires signing of the transaction, due to the Waves Keeper this can be done in a few clicks directly in the browser. $Waves‘ very own #metamask is live!

— Sasha Ivanov (@sasha35625) 18 October 2018

It is noted that the account information is encrypted and stored locally on the user’s computer. This information is not available outside of the extension, and cannot be stolen. Also in the expansion you can add multiple wallets and easy to switch between them. If the user has forgotten the account password, you can restore it with the help of key phrases.

As the developers say, this extension will be especially helpful to developers who want to include in their projects the functionality of the Waves, as it supports the API Auth and Payment. For experimental purposes, the extension can switch between the main and test networks.

This version of the extension is the first and currently only works in Google Chrome. In the future, the developers promise to add support for other popular browsers.

At this stage, the product is available for testing only via a direct link on the forum Waves , its inclusion in the Chrome Web Store is expected to be late.

Recall that in late September after support for the new functionality on the part of the miners in the core network Waves has been activated the first phase of smart contracts.

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