The Swiss company Tiberius asset management AG Group prepares October 1 to launch its own cryptocurrency Coin Tiberius secured by metals. Founded in 2005, the company today manages assets of $350 million, plans to tie the value of cryptocurrency to the price of copper, aluminum, Nickel, cobalt, tin, gold and platinum.

The initial price of the Tiberius Coin will be $0.70 per unit, and its offer will be determined by demand and limited availability of collateral. Trading new cryptocurrency will be conducted in accordance with the laws of Switzerland, and the first crypto currency exchange that will contribute scriptactive in your listing will be Estonian LATOKEN.


According to the head of Tiberius venture capital firms Technology Ventures AG Giuseppe Rapallo (Rapallo Giuseppe), is one type of security for digital currency has been selected mix of technological, stable and used in production electric vehicles of metals. This should ensure attractive to investors, the stability and diversification of portfolio.

Recall that recently the Swiss bankers Association (SBA) has issued guidelines to banks working with companies in the blockchain industry, to prevent a mass Exodus blockchain startups from the country.