In the run-up starting in late may, the conference BlockShow Europe 2018 organizers of the event made up of a pan-European rating of the most friendly countries for cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects.

List, thanks to its favourable regulation and the progressive positions of the government in relation to startups, headed by Switzerland. The main merit here belongs to the Canton of Zug, who for several years is a very attractive place for innovative projects. It is in the Zug based non-profit organization Crypto Valley Association, whose goal is to create a “leading global ecosystems blockchain and cryptographic technologies”.

Showing similar dynamics in the first three ranking also includes Gibraltar and Malta.

In total, the researchers assessed 48 European countries. When planning for was based on such aspects as the development of political, legal and business sectors, as well as the tax treatment of cryptocurrencies.

Next on the list are Britain, Denmark, with its zero tax rate for cryptocurrencies, Germany and Portugal, where the profits from the digital currency are not taxed.

Completing the top ten of the rating of Finland, where the virtual currency are exempt from VAT, the Netherlands and Belarus this Eastern European country adopted a decree “On the development of the digital economy” , according to which all revenues from transactions with cryptocurrencies and mining is exempt from taxation until January 1, 2023.

BlockShow Europe conference 2018 will be held may 28-29 in Berlin. The German capital was chosen as one of the main European centers of development of blockchain and Finance. In addition, a large concentration of investments, start-UPS and innovative businesses make Berlin a center for many of the trend industries.

A total of BlockShow Europe in 2018 will bring together more than 80 speakers from around the world, as well as experts from the banking industry, different organizations and global sectors of the world economy.