Engaged in information security Skybox Security has released a report showing that the proportion of virus-crypto currency miners exceeded the share of previously popular Trojans ransomware.

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Skybox Security (@SkyboxSecurity) 18 Jul 2018

It is reported that currently 32% of all cyber attacks are crypto-miners, while the virus-ransomware takes only 8% “of the market of computer attacks.” Hackers inject code on websites, or write viruses that use the resources of users ‘ computers for cryptocurrency mining.

The researchers also note how different the trends in criminal kibersant: in the second half of 2017, Trojans-encoders accounted for one third of all attacks, and viruses-miners – only 7%.

“Cryptocurrency miners is a new phenomenon in cybercrime, but they are becoming more popular. Criminals are attracted by the high profitability of such exercises and low chance of being caught. It is a quiet and profitable haven for hackers,” the report says.

Skybox Security experts say another reason for the popularity of ransomware. In their opinion, due to the fact that even after payment up of the amount requested, data is often still remain encrypted. Also in the fight against extortion and helped the spread of anti-virus programs.

We will remind, recently it became known about the virus-miner cryptocurrency Monero, aimed at users of Mac computers from Apple.