According to the company IW Capital research, about 3 million Britons invested in the digital currency through exchanges. A large part of captainvalor (about 2.5 million) doesn’t understand blockchain technology and are poorly oriented in the situation on the market. It is reported

Also the study says that only 5% invested in new assets consulted with experts in the cryptocurrency market.

Just participated in the poll of 2007 respondents. 38% of participants admitted that they do not understand the technology underlying the cryptocurrency. Also about a third of the respondents believe that cryptocurrencies are a “bubble about to burst”.

According to the survey, the researchers came to the conclusion that in General the British are not familiar with information about the blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.

“In fact, some do do not understand them”, — noted in the IW Capital.

CEO Luke Davis called the findings “shocking”. According to him, now it is not surprising that around the topic of cryptocurrency is now so much confusion.

Also, according to the study, 7% of participants are confident that the crypto currency more attractive for investment than traditional assets such as stocks. However, only 5% of British captainvalor admitted that achieved a positive financial effect of investments in digital currency.

ForkLog previously reported that only 2% of Americans have experience investing in scriptactive.