The total value of the tokens that the organizers of the famous ICO-projects left to itself to cover operating costs and the remuneration of developers, at the time of issue amounted to $24.2 billion While at the peak of their price reached nearly $80 billion according to the results of a study conducted by crypto currency exchange BitMEX in collaboration with TokenAnalyst.

When you create the poo poo out of thin air, gravity is a bitch. Check out the latest report from BitMEX Research on ICOs.

— Arthur Hayes (@CryptoHayes) January 16, 2019

At the current rate of illiquid assets ICO-projects in their own tokens amount to about $5 billion, depreciating more than $70 billion.

However, the researchers note, this value is very conditional, because the liquidity of the token at peak levels was low. To classify changes to this amount as damages is incorrect because the organizers of the ICO translated tokens in their wallets in accordance with the terms of krautsalat.

Having studied the archive transfers the tokens from the wallets of the ICO teams, BitMEX and TokenAnalyst came to the conclusion that the realized profit from the sale of such tokens could be $1.5 billion with the caveat that some tokens may not have been sold or left the purses for other reasons.

Most amounts of tokens on their wallets enrolled team projects Veritaseum and Noah, which according to analysts, looks “almost comical” in the background of real trade volumes.

The price of tokens of projects lodged in their own purses, in millions of US dollars at the exchange rate at the time of issue TOP 10.

In conclusion, the researchers emphasized that their report is based on analysis of transactions, based on the exchange rates of tokens, not on documents and policies, individual projects that may lead to the inaccuracy of the data.

“The market is ICO, there is no disclosure standards, therefore the project team could produce, to burn, to sell or to buy their own tokens without properly informing investors. Part of the tokens were found on the wallets of cripture, however, to find out whether they were sold or paid, as a fee for the listing, it is not possible”, — said the expert.

We will remind, in November of 2018, BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes said that the largest token-ICO-projects will fall after entering the secondary market.