Cryptocurrency EOS firmly entrenched in the top five CoinMarketCap. According Coinmetrics, EOS is currently the absolute leader on volume of transactions and the total number of accounts in this ecosystem exceeded 600 thousand.

However, how effective this “killer Ethereum”? What are the pitfalls? Specifically for magazine ForkLog researchers Rating the ICO has prepared an article, which tells how effectively you use this blockchain.

Scientists of Unchained Capital considered how clogged the blockchain of bitcoin. “Blockage” in the context of the bitcoin blockchain is defined as the unspent outputs (UTXO), the use of which (including transaction fee) will be worth more than their volume. This means that the bitcoin blockchain of the coins will never be spent, as to conduct transactions with them unprofitable.

Researchers at the ICO-Rating has decided to apply it to the structure EOS. In the case of bloccano EOS important mechanics: if on the balance the user has N tokens, he can spend N*k transactions. That is, users have to “freeze” a portion of their resources to the network is allowed to carry out the transaction. And that is the number of frozen tokens specifies how many transactions the user can perform.

Debate about the need for frozen tokens are not going away. Network EOS clogged accounts — those whose balance is greater than zero but less than or equal to the price per CPU used to carry out the transaction.

During the study, the price for the CPU was 0,198020 EOS/milisec. Therefore, each account with non-zero balance is less than or equal to this value were considered clogged. The total number of addresses in the blockchain at that time was $ 645 033.

The distribution of blocked addresses in the blockchain EOS

Just address the inefficient balance 191 118 , that is 29,6% of the total. So, almost a third of all accounts EOS cannot implement the transaction until they get enough tokens to freeze them for use the right amount of CPU. The total amount of funds in these addresses — 6981 EOS, the equivalent of $17 870, based on the exchange rate at the time of the study.

The total number of accounts with a zero balance — 115 075, or 17.8% of all addresses EOS. As a result, only 52.5% of addresses EOS is active.

Recall that in the section “Cards” is the information on the main features of EOS.