In search of the answer to the question of whether, in mid-2018 to consider bitcoin the currency of hackers and drug addicts, a European cryptocurrency exchange conducted its own investigation and came to the conclusion that the answer is negative. The representatives of the exchange said ForkLog.

Taking into consideration previous research in this area, the results of which are markedly different, Worldcore conducted an analysis on its own methodology.

According to the head of the expert group Worldcore CEO Alexey Nasonova, to estimate the volume of transactions in illegal goods was adopted by the indirect approach, which was not analyzed the transaction directly with a “lighted” criminal wallets.

Instead, on the basis of big data obtained from “credible sources”, was first identified criminal capacity of the consumer goods market and its segments on the darknet. And only after we compared the total volume of illegal trade with the total volume of transactions in the bitcoin network for a selected time period.

In the end, analysts Worldcore has determined that bitcoin accounts for just 0.67% of total sales of illegal goods. This result was close to the data of the research conducted earlier British research group Elliptic

“This suggests that the total volume of cash transactions in the bitcoin network contains not more than 1% of the means received from criminal activity”, — said the representatives of the Worldcore.

They also noted that as a result of performing a service bitcoin mixing crushed into small pieces “criminal” coins are composed of even perfectly legal transactions of licensed exchanges and exchangers.

Note that earlier this month, the Office for the U.S. drug enforcement (DEA) announced a significant decline in the use of bitcoin in criminal activities, but called a slightly different figure – according to authorities, crime connected 10% of all transactions in the network.