Wealthy people are increasingly showing interest in kriptonyte, but only a third of them received information about digital currencies and the management of its assets, the report said Capgemini World Wealth Report 2018.

The combined wealth of millionaires is $70 trillion, and by 2025 will overcome the mark of $100 trillion, but currently only 29% of them are willing to invest in cryptocurrencies. Another 27% say that, in General, also interested in this topic.

A major obstacle for individuals with large capital (HNWI) is the lack of knowledge and information about the industry, as asset managers are reluctant to devote their employers the details of a new investment direction.

The report said that strong interest from HNWI may lead companies asset management to start probing the crypto sphere for a comprehensive information of their customers.

Previously a financial analyst and Manager cryptocurrency hedge Fund BKCM Brian Kelly expressed confidence that the institutional players such Intercontinental Exchange and Goldman Sachs will be the reason for the rapid growth of the market of digital assets in the short and medium term.